Baccarat Movies

Baccarat is a popular game all over the world. This game has the huge popularity like the other card games. This game can be played both the online casinos or land based casinos. There are many variations of this game and the mini baccarat is the most popular version of this game. This game is also played in some movies by the actors and the game played an effective role on the movie. Some movies where baccarat has been played are given below with small description.

A Hard Day's Night

You can check the movie A Hard Day's Night, here Paul's Grandfather John, the role played by the actor Wilfred Brambell used the invitation to send Ringo to have a visit to a posh brand new casino. In this movie he spent most of the time on the baccarat table, but he did not know the game very well. At this movie he could make some wins but that amount was seized by the casinos because of his excessive drinking bills.

James Bond 007

Casino Royale is one of the latest movies of James Bond movie series. This movie based on the 1st Bond novel written by Ian Fleming. In this movie the James Bond (Daniel Craig) bet a lot of on a version of poker game where in the original novel, James Bond bet on the Baccarat game.

Baccarat is the game played by the elite people of western and other rich countries. So James Bond started playing at elite casinos and bet a large amount on each deck. In this movie he just rounding the baccarat table and playing around the baccarat table. He was an expert of this game in the movie and knows how to win baccarat.

Baccarat Casinos

Baccarat is a trendy game for many people and this game has a wide variety. You can play both the online baccarat game and land based casino baccarat.

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In this novel James bond played the variant of baccarat game named the Chemin De Fer where you have to get the talent to win the game because in this variation of baccarat luck isn't the only catalyst you have to use your brain here. This version of baccarat needs to know the exact timing of hitting and standing. But the result will be always the same if the player wins or the banker wins nothing else.

Rush Hour 3

Baccarat is also played in the popular movie Rush Hour 3, where James Carter (Actor Chris Tucker) played baccarat on a baccarat table in the casino where he and Jackie Chan went to investigate the false money situation. In this films he thought with the hand of 3 kings would win the game but the ultimate point would be zero according the rules of baccarat.

Guide to Baccarat

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