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Privacy Policy

We always consider about the privacy of our customers because we mean you the customers of our website. We need some useful and effective information from you to build a financial dealing with you and we know that, that information is critical and private. You have to put this information within the application forms or you have to give that information along with your application. We can also collect information about you from your gaming history or from the bank or financial authority that provided you credit card. By all these we give you the information that how and what ways we collect information about you.


The BaccaratCasinoList is given by the BaccaratCasinoList as the "as is" or "as available" source. The BaccaratCasinoList does not construct any type of warranty of your information which you will provide to open an account in this website. We have the authority to use this information for other legal purposes and if third party gets your information from our website, we are not also being the cause for that. If you visit this website then the risk will be only your and you can't blame us for that.

No Warranty

We never give any warranty about the safety of our customer's valuable information. The BaccaratCasinoList will only give you the option to visit and use the website and every part of it which are allowed to visit by its visitors but you will have your own risk if you lost any of your valuable information. We can't assure you that our server and website is free of harmful worms and viruses and the emails which we are sending to you are also free of worms and viruses. So you will have to deal with those for your own.

Liable Warranty

There are laws in different states that do not allow the limitations on these warranties so if you are situated on any of those states then all the rules above will not be applicable on you and you will get more services and warranties from us. That means you will have more rights than usual on our website.

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